Cigarette butts are a highly contaminating waste, as they are made of monoacetate, mainly derived from petroleum and, therefore, they are not biodegradable. In fact, each cigarette butt takes 15 years to decompose itself.

Each buried cigarette butt in the sand can pollute up to 25 litres of water and have unpredictable consequences in nature and animal species living in our coastal area.

Due to their small size and light weight, mechanical cleaning services have a hard time removing all the cigarette butts that careless smokers leave in the sand. That increases the costs of removing them enormously.

Day after day, thousands of butts are left in our beaches and we need a cheap and effective solution to this problem.


Step by step

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    Once you get to the beach

    The number of beaches where you can find an "Ecological Beach-Ashtray Dispenser Stand” increases day by day.

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    Step 1

    If you are a smoker and you know that you will need to dispose your cigarette butts during the time you spend at the beach, feel free to pick one ashtray from the stand.

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    Step 2

    Collect all your cigarette butts, which have been carefully put out, and place them in the ashtray.

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    Step 3

    When you are leaving the beach, go back to the stand where you found your ashtray and empty it in the bin located next to the stand, making sure that all buts are well put out. Please, notice this bin is not for rubbish. Use it only to empty your ashtray and dispose your cigarette butts.

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    Step 4

    Place the empty ashtray back in the stand for the next smoker who needs one to use.

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    Step 5

    Thank you so much!!!

    Congratulations for using this cigarette butt disposal system and helping us keep this beach clean.




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